Awards & Certificates

Guest Review Award


Our guests have spoken and we are their hospitality hero. Athens Zafolia Hotel's management and staff's boundless passion, commitment and hard work have earned us a 2017 Guest Review Award. Thank you so much, and we are committed to more awards!

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Loved by Guests Award by

Our guests spoke and ranked Athens Zafolia Hotel at the best. 


The ™ Loved by Guests Awards are based on verified customer reviews. A fantastic job of providing excellent customer service!


Athens Zafolia Hotel is a member of the Hellenic Medical Board of Elitour. The primary goal of ELITOUR is to promote health tourism in Greece abroad as a top destination for health tourism and to work with relevant international organizations on global issues related to medical tourism. ELITOUR is a founding member of the "World Travel Travel Council".

Greek Breakfast

The "Greek Breakfast" is an inspiring project of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, whose aim is to promote the gastronomic heritage of each place, through a program designed to distinguish products and specialties from each region. The “Greek Breakfast” showcases many of the Greek products at the heart of the mediterranean diet. The bread, rusks, olive oil, olives, yoghurt, honey and fresh fruit create the basis of the “Greek Breakfast”. Bread, nuts, olive oil and olives, yogurt, honey and fresh fruit are some of them.


Athens Zafolia Hotel supports and actively participates in the recycling and collection of glass packaging recycling program of the Hellenic Recycling Recovery Company.

Athens Analysis Laboratories

After laboratory tests in the water and food of our hotel, Athens Analysis Laboratories SA confirms proper compliance with hygiene and safety rules and thus ensures the protection of consumer health and the provision of high quality services to Athens Zafolia Hotel customers.

Green Key

The hotel has been awarded the Green Key, an eco-label for tourism and leisure facilities. It is awarded to facilities that meet a range of environmental requirements. The Green Key award demonstrates the responsible attitude of the facility for the environment and society.